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Your goal should always be to have clean solar panels, which will ensure that your equipment is working correctly mechanically, and give you a chance to note any defects or problems. Solar panel cleaning will also increase the effectiveness of your solar panels, as well as the amount of energy they can yield.

If you are one of the many homeowners in the Los Angeles area who has placed solar panels on their rooftops, you already know how much money solar panels can save you in energy bills. They can save you even more when they are functioning at maximum efficiency! Let us clean your Los Angeles, CA solar panels for you so you can enjoy clean solar panels that will pay for themselves over and over and over again in energy bill savings!

Many of our customers are industrial and commercial solar clients. If you have a solar energy business, the amount of energy your solar panels can produce is directly related to the amount of profit you can make. You therefore need your solar panels to constantly be pristine and sparkly clean! Solar Panel Installation Cleaning Company Los Angeles , we will help you maximize your solar panels’ efficiency so you can get the greatest possible return on your investment.

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“My husband and I have been thinking about going solar for some time now. We were approached by many installers either by phone or knocking on the door, and we got a wide range of quotes from both large and local…” Solar Panel Installation Services

Also the surface of the solar panel is not smooth like glass; it has the feel of frosted glass. This is difficult to clean because the water/dirt does not simply run off the solar panels; it stays on surface, leaving a muddy look when dry.

Here at Shine Up Solar, we believe in saving the planet. That’s the whole point of solar panels, right? It wouldn’t make a lot of sense to clean solar panels and then to use a bunch of toxic chemicals to do it! We use eco-friendly, green solar panel cleaning supplies to get your solar panels squeaky clean while also doing our part to help the earth.

Los Angeles has always been on the cutting edge of solar technology. Although it is better known for its famous Hollywood sign and iconic movie studios like Paramount Pictures, Universal and Warner Brothers, Los Angeles is also a city filled with residents concerned about the environment.

There are a number of reasons why solar panels are very difficult to clean. In order to clean solar panels you normally need to climb on a roof, This is not only dangerous but also if you do not know how to stand on the tiles the right way you will break the tiles and when it rains you could get thousands of dollars in water damage.